Statistical Biomathematical Consulting Clinic (SBCC)


Will Dixon began our consulting clinic over thirty years ago as a fee-for-service adjunct to the UCLA Biomathematics Department and the computing services of the UCLA Medical Center.

We provide assistance to health care researchers at every step of their task, from grant proposals through to publication. This means acting as consultants to biotech companies, to physicians conducting clinical trials, to clinicians conducting operations research, and to students working on theses or post-doctoral research. Where needed, we also provide tailor-made short courses and/or seminars in statistics. Finally, the high quality of our human, technical, and information resources, result in the provision of methodological and analytical support to health care, and health policy, administrators world-wide.

Please see our list of what to bring to your meeting with a statistician.

SBCC Services

We charge for time spent by consultants involved on each project.  On most projects, two or more levels of consultants provide the following services:

Statistical analysis
Clinical Trials preparation
Data preparation and editing
Assistance with grants methodology section
Planning for data acquisition
Proposals and/or publishing findings
Form design
Study design/protocol development
File maintenance
Programs for the PC
Workshops in statistics/methods
Design and/or implementation of databases
Report preparation

Fees effective 12/07/17 (Approved rates are per hour)

Consultant LevelFY 17/18FY 18/19FY 19/20

*If project demands more than a short consult, Specialty Consultants (i.e.Biomathematics faculty member) may, if time permits, be written into the P.I.‘s grant when the grant is funded.

The billing period is from the 21st of a month to the 20th of the following month.  At the end of the billing period, the following information is mailed to the client:

An itemized statement listing specific services performed and their associated costs.  For UCLA accounts, the itemized statement lists the account we have been authorized to recharge.

For non-UCLA accounts, an invoice will be sent to the client; it indicates where/how to send the payment.  Invoices are not cumulative. Charges for each month’s services is payable upon receipt.  Charges not paid within five months of billing are turned over by UCLA to a collection agency. The client’s credit rating will be damaged as a consequence. 

Service Agreement
For non-UCLA users who require Service Agreements for Company and/or Institution Purchase Order compliance, the UCLA SFSA SBCC template here must be used.
When the SFSA is utilized, no requested statistical consulting services can begin until the Agreement has been accepted/signed by all Parties and a Purchase Order has been supplied (if applicable) and a UCLA A/R Billing Account has been established.

Estimate of costs
It is difficult to estimate costs well.  We are not able to predict possible problems in the data, to anticipate all the analyses, and to plan all refinements of those analyses required to answer the research questions.  Therefore it is essential that an estimate of costs not be used as maximum.  We know from experience that actual costs often are more than estimates. It is best to set aside more money than that estimated by the SBCC consultants.

We recommend that no names or social security numbers be included in any data handled by SBCC.  If such information must be included, however, we will use special procedures for its protection.  All computer accounts are protected by user authorization and passwords.

For more information

SBCC consultants will be happy to discuss our procedures, services or charges.  We are also anxious to receive suggestions and comments from our clients.  A list of SBCC staff is found below.
To Learn More Contact
Jeff Gornbein, BA, MS, DrPH
(NIH Biosketch)
Senior Statistician of the SBCC since 1988, lecturer in Biomathematics at UCLA, Jeff has also worked with the Laboratory for Applied Pharmacokinetics and the USC Medical School.  Clients have included the NIH, NAS, and biotechnology companies such as Siemens, Glaxo, and the National Genetics Institute.
(310) 825-4193 (voice)
(310) 825-8685 (fax)


Elliot Landaw, MD, Ph.D.
5304 Life Sciences Bldg

Jeff Gornbein, Dr. PH.
5202 Life Sciences Bldg

Health Care Research
Grant Proposals
Research Design
Research Management (CP, Gantt)
Publication Review
Critique of published articles
Sample Design & Methodology
Data Capture Instruments (design & testing)
Data Management (incl. data entry, form scanning)
Data Analysis
Report Writing
For Best Results, let collaboration begin at the beginning

Clinical Operations Research
Opportunity Description
Population Definition
Sampling Methodology
Data Collection (or retrieval)
Data Analysis, Interpretation & Presentation
Decision Support Followup

Consulting Resources
The S.B.C.C. has a core staff of Biomathematicians and Biostatisticians reinforced by academic researchers in every speciality of health care science ... demography, genetics, experimental design, clinical trials, survey research, mathematical modelling, and statistical programming. On the outer fringes of this web is available the entire UCLA faculty, brought in as needed as consultants on specific projects.

Software we are familiar with includes: R, BMDP, SAS, SPSS, STATA, SYSTAT, SPLUS, Excel, Access.